This is important to me

In my capacity as a certified translator and interpreter for the English language (minor language: French) with over 20 years of professional experience, I have all that it takes and more to complete your project to your utmost satisfaction.


I love languages and everything associated with languages. I am very diligent, reliable and see myself as a “language artist“. Being a perfectionist with realistic expectations, I’d rather decline an order than disappoint my clients with a translation of poor quality. Unlike with agencies, you will know who is taking care of your translation project when you place your order with me. Hence, you may rest assured that your project will be attended to by an experienced expert.

A top-notch translation involves more than just transferring words from one language into another. It requires a high degree of accuracy as well as diligence and passion for languages. I have always been true to my motto “more than words“. The high level of satisfaction of my clients proves that I am right to stick to this motto.


To me, your order is not just another job. My goal is to always exceed my clients' expectations. Therefore, it is of vital importance to me to comprehensively attend to your project right from the beginning. This also involves in-depth research and clarifying any inconsistencies in the document before starting with your translation. This is the only way to guarantee not only good but top-notch translations.



When choosing a translator, make sure they have the proper qualification/education. Just ask them. Reputable translators will never be offended by questions about their qualifications. If you choose a “publicly appointed and sworn translator” you can be sure to have an expert by your side, whose qualifications have been thoroughly examined by a German court. This can easily be verified within seconds by searching the directory of translators and interpreters published at


Translation is not a regulated profession, so basically anyone can refer to themselves as a translator. This explains why there are people out there offering translation services for only a few cents per word. The fact that somebody lives abroad or speaks English very well doesn’t mean they have the necessary skills or “tools” , let alone training, to be a translator. It is certainly no coincidence that there are renowned universities and col-leges offering three- and four-year studies for a degree in translation and interpretation.


Excellence through expertise

Before setting up my own business, I was employed as a translator and interpreter with numerous renowned companies enabling me to acquire above-average expert knowl-edge. I gained in-depth insight into the most various branches of the industry and the most diverse specialties. As a result, I can provide translations for many subjects in addition to my specialties of medicine and law. These subjects include economics, taxes, automotive engineering, aviation, navigation, logistics, pharmacy, insurances, and marketing.



As a publicly appointed and sworn translator and interpreter, I guarantee absolute se-crecy and confidentiality. Your documents will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any third party – neither orally nor in written form.