Some of the companies I had and/or have the pleasure to work with:


  • University of Alberta,
    Department of Medicine (DoM)

                                                                      - Edmonton, AB, Canada -


  • German Center for Lung Research (DZL)

                                                                                   - Giessen, Germany -


  • University Hospital Wuerzburg

                                                          - Würzburg, Germany -


  • Tarform Inc.

                            - Brooklyn, N.Y., USA -


  • Adam Opel AG, International Technical 

            Development Center (ITDC)

                                                      - Rüsselsheim, Germany -


  • Immigration-r-us Ltd.

                              - Spruce Grove, AB, Canada -


  • HUK Coburg

                      - Coburg, Germany -


  •  PSI Logistics

                     - Hamburg, Germany -


  • SSI Schaefer Noell

                                                  - Giebelstadt, Germany -


  • Hydro Gerätebau

                                         - Biberach, Germany -


  • Menz Stahlwaren GmbH

                             - Zella-Mehlis, Germany -


  • Movianto Deutschland GmbH

                                - Kist, Germany -


  • MSGeG

                   - Würzburg, Germany


  • Several law firms & tax consultancies


... or in other words:


“Thanks to your thorough research and above-average expert knowledge, your translations of the most demanding scientific and medical texts into the Eng-lish language were of outstanding quality. When it came to attending to our English-speaking patients, I could rely on you one hundred percent. I particu-larly appreciate your great empathy, accuracy, and kindness. I will definitely recommend you to others.“

Prof. Dr. B. Allolio, Head of the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes

Department of Medicine, Würzburg University Hospital


“I can gladly confirm that - in the various areas of our cooperation in the past - you excelled in providing the most demanding translations both in the lan-guage combinations of English/German and French/German:

I was particularly impressed by the fact that you possess expert language skills with regard to legal terminology and managed to assist with the most compli-cated contractual regulations, particularly in terms of company law, in such a way that you proved to be an invaluable expert contact person.“

Dr. jur. Wolfgang Porzner, attorney-at-law and Dipl. Kaufmann

Law office Dr. jur. W. Porzner, Rimpar


The linguistically and technically excellent translations you provided as our in-house translator in the Departments of Process & Paint Engineering as well as Paint & Corrosion Prevention enabled smooth and efficient business operations with our English-speaking GM subsidiaries. Your above-average technical expertise showed in your translations of material and process specifications, technical tender documents, specifications, and test reports.

The fact that we could always fully rely on your highly competent interpreting skills, not only during visits from international GM staff members, needs to be particularly emphasized.

Heinz Pfeifer, Team Leader ME-PPA (Manufacturing Engineering Paint, Polymers & Automation)

Adam Opel AG, International Technical Development Centre, Rüsselsheim


"Due to your expertise and professional approach to our industry, you proved to be a reliable and supportive partner when it came to the translation of com-plex texts, including international guidelines. The quality of your translations was highly appreciated by committees operating at the EU-level."

Rainer Steinbach, CTO

SSI Schäfer Noell, Giebelstadt


“Our company Immigration-r-us Ltd. has been using the translation services of Ms. Koenig for several years. We have had nothing but good experiences. Her translations are of superb quality and we get them back in a timely manner. In the immigration business, every once in a while, there may be an emergency requiring the prompt translation of a document within a few hours. In this respect, we can also fully rely on the services of Ms. Koenig. We can highly recommend her.“

Jutta Zillgen, President

Immigration-R-us Ltd., Spruce Grove, AB, Canada


"Following my request, local courts repeatedly assigned you as an interpreter to court proceedings such as criminal cases and traffic offenses. Your profession-al, quick, accurate and verbatim interpretation during these proceedings had a positive impact on the joint guiding of the client and consequently also on the interaction with the court.
As regards the retrieval of assets from U.S. financial institutions, you have substantially helped me and my clients not only by providing outstanding translations, but also by organizing the relevant correspondence, thus vitally contributing to the positive outcome of the case. Your linguistic support in other matters has been valuable and at the same time helpful to me."

Wolfgang Drexler, attorney-at-law and specialist in traffic law

Law office W. Drexler, Würzburg 


“Translations in the area of software technology are often demanding. In Mrs. Koenig we have found a competent partner who provides translations of the highest quality. I will gladly recommend her. “

Andreas Hampe, Division Manager

PSI Logistics, Hamburg


"Our collaboration with you has further developed beyond an initial in-house training course. Thanks to your professional expertise and friendly nature, our staff participating in your classes were always highly motivated and had fun learning.

Your high-quality work and your ability to easily familiarize yourself with the most diverse subjects led to more intensive collaboration. Your translations in the field of inland navigation as well as translations of complex texts, such as our company statutes, have always convinced us of your exceptional work and competence.“

Winfried Füßl, executive board

MSGeg, Würzburg


“Reliable professional translation of the most demanding technical texts“

Michael Mack, Managing Director 

AKTIVA Steuerberatungsges. mbH (tax consultancy), Rimpar



Linguistic consultation

“...even native speakers confirmed that I have made good progress (“your Eng-lish has greatly improved“). Thanks to your extensive experience in the business world and your expertise in our industry, the knowledge you imparted to me can be applied directly. (...) You created a relaxing and at the same time challenging atmosphere, in which I felt very comfortable“. (...)

Gerhard Kraus, Head of Application Development and Project Management

Movianto Deutschland GmbH, Kist